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Best Entry Level Road Bike: A Beginner's Guide

Posted on May 17 2014

Talk about cycling, I will give you "A Best Entry Level Road Bike For A Beginners Guide to Cyclists." Basically, this is lead by most recent personal experience and also some other sources, which I hope will help those who have decided to start with cycling. Also, this guide is only suitable for those who want to practice with road bike race, and it is not suitable for mountain bikers. At the end you are also been encourage to add your own tips and anything from personal experiences well. To find the best entry level road bike click here, you will  be able to find the various type of road bikes that will suit with your budget and requirements.

Below are a lot of important tips, but the most important are:

1. Start with a slow ride. Do not need to get killed in the beginning. Even if you are already in good shape, cycling uses a different set of muscles and other exercises, and your body needs time to adjust to new types of loads. Start your ride just for pleasure. Initially, only 2-3 miles, and no need to rush!

2. Safety first. More important than any other sport, during cycling safety should be observed. Especially when you are cycling on the road, where there are a bunch of crazy drivers. In my area, in the last couple of months, two cyclists (one died) have been hit, so take appropriate measures. Riding only during the day, remember to always stick to the right side of the road, dress in bright clothe, which desirably have reflectors, and do not forget to wear a helmet. Additional safety tips are listed below.

Get the right type of bike, What type of the best entry level road bike to choose?

And who knows. I'm a newbie too. I think you can start with any old bike that you have. No kidding. If you have one lying around in the garage, or you know someone who can get it, just inflate the tires, make sure no holes. No need to buy something modern and expensive initially.

Of course, real racing bikes - is the best option, but they are costs you a few hundred dollars (and sometimes twice as much), and it is not the main requirement as to learn how to ride and enjoy yourself . If you have already jumped on the bicycle, get familiar for a while. Then of course, you can buy a better bike. Good road bikes low in weigh, with hard frame, thin tires (to reduce friction force), and a set of components for fast and good ride. However, I have an old mountain bike, and it is still in good condition. Most important, the bike is fits you. It should fit your height (height from the ground to the pelvis), in addition, must comply with the distance from the seat to the handle bar.


I think you all saw what a tight and bright clothes are dressed by professional cyclists. However, for beginners do not need such clothing. For example, I rather wear simple sport shorts, shirts and shoes. 

However, if you are seriously addicted cycling, you should buy some clothes. Good clothes for cycling is very thin, so you will not be hot, it is very flexible, made ​​of a special material that allows sweat to quickly. Bright colors are needed in order to get noticed on the road are crazy drivers! 


Always be careful while on the road. No need to show the wonders of heroism, no need to insist on the right side of the road, do not break the laws of pedestrians (yes, you, too, they must comply) and always try to get you noticed. If you do not know the common causes of accidents with cyclists, I'll introduce them to you:

• Open door cars. This is the most common case. Someone opens the door of his car just in your way, and you do not have time to slow down. Kaboom! To prevent such cases: watch not only open doors and do not ride too close to parked cars. 

• If you ride on the very edge side of the road as it is practise by the most cyclists, when you try overtaking car it can danger you. Therefore it is best to take the central part of the path, even if it does not seem safe to you, you can always turn around and skip the car. You have the same right to ride on the right side of the road as the car. 

• Crossroads. If you make a left turn at an intersection, then be very careful. You may think that you are visible to all motorists, but this is not always the case. So try to get noticed by all drivers at the intersection. Right turn can also be dangerous if the drivers on the same lane that you have not noticed, or if the rider behind you had decided to turn right as well and you did not notice. Hope enjoy your reading and be happy with your best entry level road bike.

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